Interview with agalazo


At last, if we can say! Finally you have a moment for us.

Yes, you´re right, I’m sorry about that. But remember, I was looking forward to spending time with you.

Well, let’s begin with the basics: who are you and what are you doing?.

My name is Antonio Galazo, I’m Spanish and I’m graphics designer. Mostly I design web pages, but also I create designs for corporate identity, flyers, stands and so on.

OK, OK… slow down! Too much scroll is not good! So you´re a freelancer? Jumping from project to project?.

Sorry I was just getting excited! Yes, I´m freelancer but I always try to continue the relations with the clients after the deadline of the project. Generally the projects that I develop are the ideas or proposals from my clients that need a good graphical structure and / or identity. But according to my philosophy and the way I work, I think it is essential for a project to live on, to be alive and not to get stuck. That can be achieved by participating in new versions of the project.

Does that mean you never finish a project?

No, it means when one version of the project is done, I intend to participate also in its improvement by providing ideas and support to my clients. That usually results in better and more sophisticated following versions.

I see… you like being involved. And to do all this what have you studied?. What´s your previous experience?

All started back in 1995. I studied illustration and animation for three years in CEV

Just a moment… So you are an illustrator/animator?

Technically yes. But since many years I’m not dedicated to this field exclusively. Though what I like is to blend in some of those techniques in my current works.

That’s interesting. Please go on. What happened after these three years?

I continued in-line with what I have studied and worked as freelance for Disney, Hanna-Barbera and others. But design was more appealing to me. So I searched for a work in this area and ended up in a web design company where I worked as a designer / creative for 4 years.

And we arrive in 2001. What a time! Especially the crash of the .com

Indeed. Then I realized it is better to work directly with the client. And the following years of freelance work proved I was right. The business was running very well until 2010 when due to volume of projects offered by one of the clients I signed an exclusivity contract and started to work for a company. Three years later with some good projects behind me, I’m back on my own searching new challenges.

What´s your inspiration?

I´m inspired by seeing people being passionate. I think it is crucial for my inspiration to see someone being excited and passionate about their idea or a project.

Who are your favorite designers?

Milton Glaser, Javier Mariscal, Matthew Carter, and many more.

Plans for the future?.

To keep on being a designer. Once i have read that you should be dedicated to the thing you love and never again you should wake up to go to work. And believe me it´s true.

Why do you think you would be a good choice if someone decides to hire you?

Ooops! I thought I explained that in the lines above :) I dedicate myself to the project completely and totally. After so many years being in the business I’m used to work with various departments like marketing, technicians, accounts etc. I believe trust is an essential factor when you work with someone who is not physically present in your office. It’s important for the clients to be sure that their projects constantly are taken good care of. Therefore I report to my clients on regular basis and I offer personalized assistance. I have never been late on delivering a project on the agreed deadline. This for me is essential.

Do you speak english?

Yes I do. Actually I’m studding the Upper -Intermediate level that I hope will be finished before summer.

Great :) It’s time to say goodbye, but before I go the last question – how can we get in touch with you?

Currently, my family and me live in Belgium. You can find me with the contact form in my web page And thank you for your time ;)