Feel @ home


Well, let’s begin with the project that has been on my mind forever; to update my portfolio and to start my blog. After many years of designing, cutting and programming finally I found that inexistent time to dedicate to myself and my projects.

In this blog I would like to let you know what I am doing aside of my professional projects, things that I´m doing because of curiosity, which is “the engine” that moves me forward.

Actually I love the urge to experiment, try, change and adapt to each project I work on. And also because of curiosity I have become a designer.

But I´m also interested to dig into some other topics like illustrations, 3D design, modeling and similar. And therefore this blog to share it all with you, to learn from those of you who would participate, or those who would just snoop around.

So, as it was said – feel @ home :)

Antonio Galazo.

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