To be surprised it's great, but it's amazing to surprise.

Since I remember myself I've always had a pencil in my hands. The power of creation is quite instinctive for human beings as well as the power to surprise others with these creations. When someone amazes you, something is touched and moved deep inside of you. Something that overwhelms enhances and goes on. When you are the one who gives the surprise, especially when it exceeds the expectations, it is something incredible. This is the meaning of work of any designer – not to leave a person impartial. The best a designer can hear: Wow, its better as expected!


    Feel @ home

    Well, let’s begin with the project that has been on my mind forever; to update my portfolio and to start my blog. After many years of designing, cutting and programming finally I found that inexistent time to dedicate to myself and my projects. In this blog I would like to...[...]

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